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The Indie Fantasy Fund is a not-for-profit organization with the goal of helping indie fantasy authors afford the publishing essentials required for creating high-quality products.

Want to get involved? You can donate money to help us award additional grants to more authors using the button below, or you can offer to donate skills (1 copy edit, 1 cover illustration, etc). If you'd like to donate a skill, please reach out via social media or send us an email at: team@indiefantasyfund.com


Founding Team



Bookborn is a YouTuber known for her in-depth fantasy book discussions and deep dives, including her popular Wheel of Time Show vs Books: All the differences, episode-by-episode breakdown.

Zack Argyle


Zack Argyle is the author of the award-winning, epic fantasy Threadlight series. He has a degree in Electrical Engineering and works full-time as a software engineer.


Service Donors

Sarah Chorn


Dominish Books


Lisa Wallace


Virginia McClain

Cover designer

Luke Tarzian

cover designer

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Premium Fund Donors

Ryan Cahill


Ryan Cahill is a full-time indie author from Dublin, Ireland, now living in New Zealand. He is best know for his classic, epic fantasy series, The Bound and the Broken, which has taken the book community by storm.

Michael R. Miller


Michael is a best-selling author from the UK, best known for his two dragon rider series: The Dragon's Blade and Songs of Chaos. He has worked at Bloomsbury Publishing and co-founded the digital publisher Portal Books

*Pippin Took


This pseudo-anonymous blogger lives in Washington state where he reads and collects a wide range of fantasy books. Rumor has it that he has been known to show up to in-person events in the Seattle area...with the mask.

Patricia Campbell


A woman who understood the power of books and did what she could to empower those around her to pursue their dreams in becoming authors and sharing their stories.

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Standard Fund Donors

Boe Kelley, PJ Alexander, Vaughn Culp, Timothy Wolf, Virginia McClain, Jonathan Auerbach